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Hola Swing Goose - Blue

Hola Swing Goose - Blue

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The interactive Hola Hip-hop Dancing Gander by Hola can dance and rap! He swings his neck while dancing to the beat of Hip Hop music. The only way to stop him from his humorous dancing is to grab his neck but be gentle or he will protest loudly as he likes to dance to the beat!

Dancing encourages and enhances body stability, balance and confidence for  children. It’s wonderful to watch as they move from sitting to standing and wiggling to finally dancing.

The Hola Galloping Gander offers three hip-hop songs and talks in a fun and interactive way! Your child will love the vibrant colours, songs, flashing lights, and dancing action

The Hola Galloping Gander is ideal for encouraging crawling and chasing and assists with movement and muscle development.

Suitable Age: 18m+
Package Size: 20.5 × 15× 25.5 cm
Product Size: 15 × 13 × 22 cm
Battery: 3 X 1.5V "AA" (Not Included)

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