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Hola Farm ‘n’ Country Vehicle Set

Hola Farm ‘n’ Country Vehicle Set

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Playtime will be a lot more exciting with the original Hola Farm ‘n’ Country Vehicle Set.

The four cool friction powered trucks each have their own heavy-duty job and are perfect for indoor or outdoor play. The trucks are built tough and durable and are the perfect set for young children who enjoy playing with construction vehicles and building mini-cities or farms.

The Hola Farm ‘n’ Vehicle Country Set includes:
   1 x Dump Truck
   1 x  Cement Mixer
   1 x Bulldozer
   1x  Tractor with a Detachable Trailer

The trucks are a fun and handy set kids can take with them anywhere.

Plus, your child will have a great time role-playing as a builder with this exciting mini-collection.

The trucks are friction powered and when released the trucks accelerate across the floor quickly.

Educational Benefits

Motor Skills: Designed to be easy to hold, these friction-powered toys encourage fine motor skill development.

Exploration: Each toy has a unique function and articulated pieces which children love exploring.

Self-Play and Group Activity:These versatile trucks are great for self-entertainment or group interaction.

Suitable Age: 18m+
Package Size: 24.5×9×34.5 cm
Product Size:
  B: 23×7×7.2
  C & D: 9.2×7×7.2
Battery: Not Required

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