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Hola Early Learning Fire Engine

Hola Early Learning Fire Engine

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The Hola Early Learning Fire Engine is a fun and interactive toy to explore and learn about fire engines, fire fighting equipment, and fire safety.

There are ten playful functions, plus a silent and dynamic mode of operation.

Playing with the Hola Early Learning Fire Engine assists with the development of logical thinking, finger dexterity, and musical awareness. It also provides opportunities to develop role-play and imagination skills.

To explore the fire scenarios press either the helmet of the driver or the passenger. When the driver’s helmet is pressed the lights will flash and the siren will sound or it could start up immediately to prepare for firefighting action. The Hola Early Learning Fire Engine also has a fire and safety knowledge option. Just press the phone, hose, or siren buttons for sound effects and fun songs.

There are a number of fire-fighting accessories included that can be removed such as a fire extinguisher, warning cone, fire hydrant, and a fire hose with realistic designs.

In addition, the 360° rotatable ladder on the back is extendable and can hold a fireman. Simply, turn the wheels to adjust the length, height, and direction of the ladder.

Suitable Age: 18m+
Product Size: 23×11×16.5 cm
Package Size: 25.5×12×18.5 cm
Battery: Requires 3 X 1.5 V AA batteries

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